In the first homeopathic consultation, the homeopath will discuss all your complaints. Based on all complaints, a suitable homeopathic remedy will be chosen and sent to you. A follow-up consultation is usually scheduled after a month. Depending on the nature of your complaints, this may also be earlier or later. During the follow-up consultation, possible changes in the complaints are discussed. If necessary, you will be given another homeopathic remedy.


We believe that Homeopathy should be affordable for everyone, that’s why there is a discount:

First consultation: Normally €85, with discount €55

Follow-up consultation: Normally €70, with discount €55

Short consultation (15 minutes): €25

Prices are including VAT.

Many health insurers reimburse part of the costs of homeopathic treatment. Therefore, check your supplementary insurance for coverage. A homeopathic consultation does not deduct from the deductible. Furthermore, an appointment can be canceled free of charge up to two days in advance. Afterwards, (part of) the consultation will be invoiced.

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